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About us 

We are a dedicated team which is always available to help you. We speak different languages, like English and Dutch to give you the service level you expect of an international trading company. Please, give us a call.

Sourcing stocklots and remnants 

In our search for markets and partners, we constantly explore new area’s to find interesting opportunities. Using our global knowledge of the market we are able to add value to our suppliers bringing other markets to their geographic scope.

Why Erasmus Trading? 

  •  Flexible innovative solutions for our partners and their stocklots or remnants
  •  Global overview of supply and demand
  •  Efficient logistic organization
  •  Strong solid financial position
  •  24/7 available for inquiries and requests
  •  Over 5 years experience in FCMG trading
  •  Short time to market

‘We understand the challenges our suppliers face in their distribution and offer innovative solutions for their cases.‘

We are proud to work for: